Preventive Care Services

Consistent, rather than occasional preventive maintenance is our goal for each patient. We always take extra time to show our patients the correct way to floss and brush (there is a right and a wrong way!). We explain why consistent care is so important and make patients fully aware of the consequences of neglecting their teeth. We explain how our preventive care treatments work and why they are so important.

We offer the following preventive care services:

• Regular Checkups - includes cleaning/hygiene and a thorough exam
• Dental Sealants
• Fluoride treatment - for children and adults
• Occlusal Guards - for people who grind or clench teeth
• Orthodontic retainers
• Breath Treatment

Restorative Services

We try to be as conservative as possible when it comes to fixing your teeth. We combine the latest in technology with the greatest attention to your comfort. And when we say comfort, we mean your comfort both during and well beyond your treatment. Our goal is to provide you with dental work that is durable, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

We offer the following restorative services:

• Tooth Colored Fillings - we use only the latest and best made materials
• All Porcelain Crowns, Onlays and Inlays - we use the latest materials which are stronger, more attractive and less likely to fracture
• Bridges
• Dentures and Partial Dentures
• Root Canals
• Restoration of Dental Implants

Gum Disease

75% of adult tooth loss is caused by gum disease and at least 80% of the population has some degree of gum disease. This disease is an infection of the gums and jawbones and is caused by the colonization of bacteria underneath the tartar on your teeth. Often there are no noticeable symptoms for a long time. A dentist or hygienist must do a thorough and complete examination to detect gum disease, especially in its early stages.

Bacteria and the chemical by-products that the body uses to fight these bacteria can enter the blood stream and cause serious problems in distant parts of the body. In fact, gum disease has been linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pre-mature births, and low birth weight.

We take a proactive and comprehensive approach to providing gum therapy by providing the following services:

• Charting and Diagnostic Services
• In-office Gum Therapy - scaling and root planing
• Deep Cleaning and Irrigation - to further combat bacteria, we use an anti-bacterial agent before, during, and after this procedure

Cosmetic Services

Enhancing a healthy smile (and your mouth needs to be healthy before we can enhance it!) is a worthy and long-term investment in yourself. There are a number of ways in which we can help you achieve your goals.

To find the best solution for you, we discuss your goals for improvement, show you before and after photos, review photos of your smile, and then make customized models.

We offer the following cosmetic services:

• Tooth Colored Fillings
• Porcelain Veneers
• Whitening or Bleaching- in-office or at home
• Bonding
• All Porcelain Crowns, Onlays and Inlays
• Recontouring

Patient Comfort and Technology

These words embody our practice philosophy! We do everything we can to make our patients feel comfortable and at ease during their time at Signature Dental. And within this comforting, warm and friendly environment, we put forward the best that technology has to offer our patients!

We utilize the following innovations:

• Digital Radiography (X-rays) - these are faster and result in up to 90% less exposure to radiation
Intra Oral Camera
Chairside Computers
Patient Education System (Caesy)
Sedation Dentistry (oral sedation)
Patient Comfort Measures (DVD players, blankets/foot warmers, movies, cable TV, headphones)
Sterilization Center - ours is state-of-the-art

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